Looking for FIRECalc (Financial Independence/Retire Early Calculator) or the Early Retirement Forum?
I initially created and hosted them here on my personal website, but moved them to more appropriately
firecalc.com (FIRECalc) and early-retirement.org (forum). Please update your bookmarks.

The blue sloop M&M

Capn Bill’s personal site is being converted to a blog format, and the work in progress is accessible via the links at the right.

Much of the content here is from the travelogue while we lived and cruised aboard Dory after leaving the Middle East. I have been revising some of the content to reflect that it occurred in the past, but otherwise it is mostly as it was published at the time we were cruising.

Dory has gone to our friend Seth, and we are looking forward to enjoying the blue sloop M & M, named for our grand daughters.